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“Prior Art” is defined as “Other well known topical pain products available as over-the-counter drugs.”
Including other well known brands, having higher percentages of active ingredients but manufactured such that may reduce efficiency.

ArNeu, ELECTRICAL PRODUCING TOPICAL CREAM line of products OUTPERFORM other products and is awarded Patent Protection for it’s accomplishments.  Remember the phrase: Restores Pain Relief Activity With Activity.

**Definition: “Metabolic Availability Test” is designed to determine the presence of the Active Ingredients, before using, to further assure they have not been destroyed during the manufacturing process, before being used by you.

*The “Metabolic Activity Test” does not result in the alteration of how a counterirritant provides pain relief. The Metabolic Activity Test” as listed in U.S. Patent 7,704,752, does not signal any property that is important to the safe and effective use of this OTC external analgesic drug. Nor does it provide a function in care or diagnosis.

Why do Health Providers use ArNeu?

Use ArNeu before treatment On muscle & joints when pain is present, providing less pain during a therapy session, resulting in more progress per session. Provide temporary relief between treatments so that the muscles dont pull the joints out of place. To offer temporary relief when the doctor is out of the office. Realizes that busy schedules do not allow their patients to stretch and exercise as needed.

Limited Required DescriptionMvCompare
Per 21 CFR 348.0

For the temporary relief of minor aches and pains of Muscle and Joints

ArNeu Is Tested As Required By Governing Standards &
Also By The Patented Guidelines Found In U.S. Patent
No. 7,704,542
Described As A Bio-Electrical Availability
Test For Active Ingredients**

Results of ArNeu’s “Metabolic Activity Test”

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