How To Apply


1)  Do Not Rub In Completely, ArNeu® is unlike most topical pain creams, when rubbed in completely the effectiveness is greatly reduced.  Leave a thin film on top of the skin so that there is product to work with the metabolic waste that is secreted by stressed tissues.

2)  The skin is an organ, the largest organ we have and blood doesn’t only flow perpendicular to it’s surface.  Apply ArNeu past the area of pain, this will help the painful area that is encapsulated, as seen with thermal images.  If you are addressing in joint pain apply ArNeu completely around the joint for optimal relief of pain and stiffness.

ArNeu® aggressiveness is determined by the presence of metabolic waste that is present on the skin, along with any toxins that maybe present in the body when pain occurs.  Reports have shown the longer a chronic condition has been present, the greater the physiological reaction.  It has been seen and reported that a redness is visible the first couple of times after applying ArNeu®, which is thought to be a physiological reaction to the toxins that are being flushed as the circulation increases.