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Great Pain Relief!

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My wife’s mother had been diagnosed with Idiopathic Peripheral Neuropathy which the pain had become so severe that she had to take early retirement because nothing seem to relieve the pain enough so that she could sleep at night comfortably. Approaches that had been attempted included prescription narcotics, Light Therapy, Laser Therapy, Acupuncture, Heating Pads and both internal and external over the counter medications. I decided that if something had gone wrong that causes neuropathy something could go right to provide relief so I began to study in specific what was known about Diabetic Neuropathy and what was known about some of earth’s natural continuance activities as lava, and finding what I thought was a connection. So I spent 30 days formulating, trying failing and then came up with a compound that provided relief at night and during the day time. A short time later she was diagnosed with leukemia, after which her oncologist suggested her symptoms may have come to light sooner had she not been on such high doses of narcotics. (Eudora, KS)

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